How to mine Grin31 and Grin29 using MiningOptimizer

Miningoptimizer can mine Grin31 and Grin29 coins “out of the box” but you need to add Grin wallets. If you already have them, go to Settings – Exchanges & Wallets section and click on add new coin icon:

Select the name of the coin, exchange, set your wallet address and click the Create button:

If you don’t have Grin wallets, we recommend you these steps to register on exchange to get them:

  1. Go to exchange and create a new account.
  2. Save your exchange private and public keys from exchange.
  3. Go to MiningOptimizer Settings – Exchange & Wallets section. Click on the Add new Exchange button:
  1. Select Exchange name, and put your public and private keys saved on step 2, leave API PASSPHRASE field empty, click Create.
  2. Wait until new wallets loaded. They have to appear in the list of coins (Settings – Exchange & Wallets).
  3. If new wallets not loaded for 2 minutes, please go and check your API keys for correctness

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